Executive Bios

Image of Peter D. Meldrum

Peter D. Meldrum was a co-founder and has been a director of the Company since its inception in May 1991. He has served as president and chief executive officer of Myriad since November 1991. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Meldrum was president and chief executive officer of Founders Fund, Inc., a venture capital group. He received a Doctor of Engineering degree (honorary) from the University of Utah in 2009, a Doctor of Science degree (honorary) from Westminster College in 2004, an M.B.A. degree from the University of Utah in 1974, and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah in 1970.

Image of Mark C. Capone
Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.

Mark C. Capone, President of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, joined the company in October 2002. Prior to joining Myriad, Mr. Capone served 17 years with Eli Lilly and Company where he held positions as Product Development Manager, Manufacturing Plant Manager, and Area Sales Director. Mr. Capone received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State University graduating with highest distinction, his Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his Master of Science in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2012, Mr. Capone was elected Outstanding Engineering Alumnus at Penn State and he is a member of the Industrial and Professional Advisory Council at Penn State.  He currently serves on the Board of the American Clinical Laboratory Association. Mr. Capone is also a Member of the Board of Trustees for Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City.

Image of Robert G. Harrison
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Robert G. Harrison, chief information officer, joined Myriad in 1996. He served as Myriad's Network Administrator from 1996 to 2000 and was named director of information systems and technology in 2000. Mr. Harrison was named vice president of information systems and technology in 2005, a position he held until January 2008 when he was named chief information officer. He began his career in IT working for several private companies and consulting firms where he held positions in technical support, sales and management roles. Mr. Harrison received a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Utah in 1994.

Image of Jayne B. Hart
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Jayne B. Hart joined Myriad in May 2011 as executive vice president of human resources. She has more than twenty years of professional experience in the human resources field. Prior to joining Myriad, Ms. Hart served as vice president of human resources at LANDesk Software, a global software company. Before that, she was vice president of human resources for 360networks, a wholesale telecommunications company, and at AT&T Wireless, a global telecommunications company, where she began her career.

Image of Gary A. King
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Gary A. King joined Myriad in July 2010. He has been employed in the life sciences industry for more than 25 years. Most recently, he was the chief executive officer of AverDx Inc., an international biotechnology company. Prior to AverDx, Mr. King was vice president of international operations at Biosite Inc. where he spent six years building and leading all of the Company's commercial activities outside of the United States. He established marketing and logistics operations in Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium, and formed clinical operations and marketing programs in Asia. Prior to joining Biosite, he was division director in Japan for Guidant Corporation and led Guidant's transition from distributor to direct operations in the Japanese market. Mr. King received his B.A. degree in Zoology from Pomona College and an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University.

Image of Jerry Lanchbury Ph.D.
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Jerry Lanchbury, chief scientific officer, joined Myriad in September 2002. Before that, he was a researcher in molecular immunogenetics at Kings College London. He is a highly respected expert in immunogenetics with more than 100 reviewed research journal publications. Dr. Lanchbury graduated from the University of Aston, Birmingham, U.K. He earned his Ph.D. in Population Genetics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the United Medical & Dental Schools of the University of London in Human Disease Genetics.

Image of Richard Marsh
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Richard Marsh, executive vice president, general counsel and secretary, joined Myriad in November 2002. Prior to that, he served in various positions at Iomega Corporation including acting general counsel, director of IP and director of commercial legal affairs. Mr. Marsh received an L.L.M. degree in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center; a law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, graduating magna cum laude; and a B.S. degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University. He was formerly a Certified Public Accountant.

Image of Ralph L. McDade Ph.D.
Myriad RBM

Ralph L. McDade is the president of Myriad RBM. Until August of 2013, he had been serving as chief operating officer. Dr. McDade was formerly strategic development officer for Myriad RBM and held that position since the Company's inception in 2002. Prior to joining Myriad RBM, he was chief scientific officer for Luminex Corporation where he was closely involved with the development of xMAP technology. In addition, Dr. McDade was instrumental during this period in securing technology licensing agreements with over 20 strategic partners. He received his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1980. Following postdoctoral training at The University of Connecticut Medical Center in Farmington, he held faculty positions at the Rockefeller University in New York and at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans.

Image of Bryan Riggsbee
With Myriad Genetics, Inc. since 2014

Bryan Riggsbee, chief financial officer, joined Myriad in October 2014. He previously served 10 years with Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) where his most recent position was as senior vice president of Corporate Finance with responsibility for the financial planning and analysis and treasury functions. Prior to LabCorp, Mr. Riggsbee served in various finance roles with General Electric and began his career in the audit division of KPMG. He received a B.A. in Accounting from North Carolina State University, a B.A. in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University. Mr. Riggsbee is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of North Carolina.

Image of Ronald Rogers
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Ronald Rogers, executive vice president of corporate communications, joined Myriad in April 2013. He previously served as executive director of Global Media Relations at Merck & Co. Mr. Rogers also worked in communications roles at Johnson & Johnson, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Eli Lilly and Searle and was a business reporter at Chemical & Engineering News. He received an M.S. degree in Communications and a B.S. degree in Public Relations/Chemistry from Illinois State University. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers.

Image of Bernard F Tobin
Crescendo Bioscience, Inc.

Bernard Tobin, president of Crescendo Bioscience, joined Myriad in January 2015. He previously held several senior positions at Amgen, including Executive Director of National Accounts, General Manager of both the Netherlands and Brazil, and Global Head of Commercial Excellence. In addition, he led the global integration of a business development acquisition in more than 100 countries. Prior to that, Mr. Tobin held a variety of leadership roles in the commercial organization at Eli Lilly and Co. He received his B.S. degree in public service and administration from Iowa State University and his M.B.A. from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.